Custom Software & Mobile App Development

We build software and mobile apps to help maximize the products and services for your business.

The custom software and mobile apps you utilize shouldn’t be a pain point.

What is custom software?

It is software created for organizations and users to accommodate the specific needs of the business that can’t be found anywhere else.

There are an overwhelming number of cookie-cutter products out there that can create more issues than they solve. They include applications that will never get used because they don’t apply to your company’s operations or business model, or applications you must use but don’t want to. How annoying is that? 

We don’t believe you should have to compromise to make that off-the-shelf software program function how it wants to.

We don’t outsource, we don’t assume your needs, and we don’t go radio silent.

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Our process is simple

We start with listening and clarifying all your specific business requirements, then build software around those parameters. You have a say through the entire process.

We use modern, efficient software engineering processes which allow us to respond to change quickly, automatically detect errors and pivot on a dime.

We utilize real-time analytics to detect errors and bugs, and prevent them from happening again through extensive automated testing.

During your project you can expect weekly, usable builds, consistent communication, and a result you’ll love.

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We design for the user

User experience is our top priority, which means we take the time to design things right the first time.

Poor architectural design will kill your project’s maintainability and ability to add new features. We won’t do that.

The result is a system you and your employees absolutely love using every day while working so well you hardly know it’s there.

Custom Software Development

We offer these software solutions and more

Custom Software Development

Software Modernization & Maintenance

SaaS Development

Product Development

Web App Development

User Experience Design

Cross Platform IOS/Android Apps

Agile Software Development


What To Expect When Working With Us

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best possible experience.  

Working with Kelowna’s Software you can count on clear and open lines of communication, transparency, and projects that finish on time and on budget.  

Our consultative process ensures we understand your needs and our user-focused modern development techniques assure that your users will have a positive experience with what we create together.  

As a software development agency, we pride ourselves on what our customers say: 

“Working with Kelowna Software was a seamless process. They helped our organization develop our idea into reality and offered support throughout the entire process. David was there to answer questions and always provided a timely response. I would recommend Kelowna Software to anyone looking for assistance with a project, or having something entirely new created.”

Chloe Hurn, Pathways Abilities Society 

Our Process

Our process provides you with a clear roadmap for what to expect and helps us discover what we need to know to make sure we delight you and your users every step of the way.  



Every good project starts with a discovery call. Tell us about your vision, your goals, and your pets too! In this call we connect to get to know each other and learn about your business and the kind of solution you want to create together. 



The best kind of software is software that people like to use. We take a user-focused approach to conceptualize how to build your solution and create captivating user experiences.  Together we look at bringing your idea to life in a way the world will love.  



Our design team combines your vision along with modern psychological driven frameworks to create the initial product design that functions for desktop, tablet and mobile form factors.  

We iterate through the design with you to ensure the look and feel is exactly what you need. We capture required fields, and optimize effective use of white-space.



Our expert team of Software Engineers take the design and turn it into code. You’ll receive regular builds, often weekly to see where the software it at, and so users can test it early and often. We provide insight into what features are currently being worked on, and what the plan is to completion. All code is internally reviewed and scrutinized for requirements, security and compliance via automated testing.



We are committed to providing an excellent user experience to ensure staff can work as optimally as possible. At launch, we’ll be right along side with your users, ensuring they have the necessary tools, training and support to move onto a new system.



After launch, we support our products by providing bug fixes and new features. We also invest time and effort into managing technical debt and keeping libraries/frameworks up-to-date. We provide user helpdesk support with direct access to the development team.

Technology Stack

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custom software development

Our team of software engineers enable us to build a diverse range of user-focused, responsive, and scalable software, making us the best software development company we can be. As a Microsoft Partner, the backbone of our technology stack is the .NET framework, Azure ecosystem, and SQL Server.

Our technological approach to software development is to create well-structured clean architecture for user-focused software that automatically scales with growth and mimics the real world through Domain Driven Design and is tested thoroughly through our Automated Testing architecture.

Our team is constantly increasing their competencies and learning new skills/programs/technologies so that we can always use the best technology and tools for the job at hand.