Kelowna Software Ltd is Kelowna’s Face of Technology and leading provider of technology for businesses throughout the Okanagan.

We can say that because we’ve been voted the #1 IT Provider by Kelowna Capital News’ A-List, and the #1 Technology Company, #1 Software company and #1 Web design company by KelownaNow.

We provide custom software development, web design and development and IT services, including helpdesk for our clients.

Custom Software & Mobile App Development

We build custom Web, Windows and iOS/Android Apps to suit the needs of your business.

When there are no solutions tailored to your specific needs is when custom software development might be the best option for you.

Custom software development allows businesses to build a product that mimics exactly how your business runs. Often our clients have spent years developing a workflow that’s very efficient, and a custom software solution takes that workflow and introduces additional efficiencies, recording, tracking, and more.

Software should make your life easier, not create issues. We can help you get there.

Web Design & Development

We create websites that tell your story.

A website is the phase in the customer journey when customers decide if they are going to connect with you. Our design process focuses on creating a website you love that conveys your messaging and builds bridges with future customers. 

We build websites for the solopreneur, local small business, growing mid-size business, all the way to the multinationals. Regardless of the size, all our websites are SEO optimized, quick, responsive, and secure. 

IT & Cloud Computing Services

We are technology experts so you don’t have to be. 

We focus on security, utility, and scalability so that you can focus on what matters most to your business.  

Our IT services help businesses avoid overspending on software, set up for growth, protect themselves from malicious attacks, and find and implement solutions for their needs.  

“We contracted Kelowna Software to rewrite an aging in-house software solution for our 350 employees. During the week of launch, it was quiet, too quiet. All our users were able to do their work with little to no interruption. All our data was migrated and I couldn’t be happier with how it went.”

Neal Rempel – Quilie Software