Qdexx recognized two core issues that mainstream online directories have: people want to recommend specific professionals – not just the businesses – and businesses are adversely affected by negative reviews.

Qdexx was developed to redefine online directories and what it means to find professional services locally.  

To solve these challenges and provide an alternative online directory Qdexx aimed to develop a positive environment to connect people with well-liked local professionals.

To solve these challenges, Qdexx was designed to focus more on individual professionals and to only track positive experiences. They created a supportive environment to connect people with well-liked local professionals while simultaneously helping businesses find new customers and reduce the impact of negative reviews.  


Qdexx needed traffic. As a relatively new directory entering a market with multiple well-established online directories, such as Yellow Pages and Yelp, Qdexx struggled to gain traction.

Without increased traffic Qdexx wouldn’t gain the users (businesses) and page visits (local patrons) they needed in order to be successful.  

Existing directories that ranked highly on Google made it hard for Qdexx to increase users and page visits. As a startup, they didn’t have the resources to compete with entrenched directories when it came to boosting search engine rankings and monthly page views.


Kelowna Software analyzed Qdexx’s site, and after taking into account their existing resources, suggested a few suggestions that would allow Qdexx to better compete with existing directories for traffic.  This would allow Qdexx to gain users by organically increasing their traffic.  The solution was 3 fold:

  1. Reduce server response time by optimizing the entire web pipeline.
  2. Ensure SEO best practices were being met (100% Page rank)
  3. Utilized Google tools to make Qdexx more appealing to indexing 


Without going over budget, Kelowna Software was able to reduce Qdexx’s average server response time by 50 times. As predicted, the drastic increase in their response time improved their ranking on Google and tripled Qdexx’s organic traffic.

With the increase in traffic, Qdexx grew from 10,000 profiles to over 1.3 million profiles and continues to grow today.

The rate of user sign-ups and profiles being added also increased by 10x as a result of the changes.

“Kelowna Software reduced our average server response from 1 sec to 50ms, generating over 3x organic traffic from Google. I’m not sure what we would have done without them.”